Out of stock Terms & Conditions

Out-of-Stock Terms & Conditions

We at Mychipworld.com, try to give the maximum benefit to the customers. Weather that be product price, product quality or product availability. But sometimes things cannot be managed as planned due to the huge volume of transactions everyday in our business. We try our best to keep updating the products which are out of stock with our suppliers, but sometimes they can be out of stock as you order, which is somewhat impossible to manage.

Sometimes it can happen that the product you order is not anymore in stock with us. This can be because of various reasons. Like:

  • The product was already out of stock when you made the order.
  • All the products were in stock when your order was confirmed, but after your payment was confirmed, one of the products in your order went out of stock.
  • The product is in stock, but it fails quality check before the order shipment.

Now, in such "Out-of-Stock" cancellation case, we generally have 2 options:

1. We will ship all the in-stock products that you have ordered first and for products which are out of stock, we will ship it to you immediately once the next shipment of stock arrives. We will not charge you any extra shipping cost for the same.